“Sin City” TV Series in Development!

That is great news for all comics lovers: extremely popular comic series “Sin City” by Frank Miller will have its television reboot. Not that long ago we had a chance to watch two movies based on the same story with an excellent cast.

The comics world needed that information. The Weinstein Company and Dimension join their forces to create the television reboot of one of Frank Miller’s best comics “Sin City”, the author of “The Dark Knight Returns” and “300”. The former showrunner of “The Walking Dead”, Glen Mazzara, will be in charge of creating the script. According to the first news, the series will not resemble film adaptations and will present new stories and heroes from the “Sin City” comics.

Len Wiseman will be the director who has so far been remembered by audience for his films like “Underworld” and “Die Hard 4.0”. Although his films do not belong to the best rated, it is wide known that Wiseman knows how to shoot and capture interesting perspectives, and what is more, can do the right job with a good script. This will not be his first adaptation of a comic book on the small screen – he recently worked on the series “Lucifer”.

The comic “Sin City” began in 1991 when it appeared on the “Dark Horse Presents” pages. “Sin City” was being released as a separate title until 2000. The success of the series not only was determined by the great dark scenarios but also the characters of the heroes – hard men who live according to their own code of honour and sexy women who are not merely passive objects of male interest. Frank Miller has been awarded several times for this series of a prestigious Eisner Awards.

this for me sums up the 'view from the top' from the raised balcony area across the city of comics/boxes/scaffold

Sin City became a big hit once again in 2005 when a movie reboot appeared in the cinemas. Its directors were Frank Miller, Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino, who played in one exceptionally funny scene you all probably remember. The “Sin City” movie was composed of four screen stories and was unbelievable as it was featured an excellent cast: Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba, Rosario Dawson, Benico Del Toro, Clive Owen, Rutger Hauer, Powers Boothe and Elijah Wood and Mickey Rourke. The reviews were great and financially the movie was not bad either. In the year 2014 the second part was released, “Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For”, but unfortunately it wasn’t that successful as the first part even though it was a decent continuation, which particularly impressed because of Eva Green’s creation as an exceptionally clever femme fatale.



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