Netflix announced to produce new TV series “The Witcher”

The story of the famous Geralt from Rivia has been talked a lot about for a long time. These rumours were confirmed by Netflix itself in May. Netflix is ​​preparing for screening a world-wide known saga that inspired the hugely popular CD Projekt Red RPG games.As it turns out, right after the announcement of production, both the media and the fans around the world just went crazy.

Some are welcoming this message with a cold blood, while others point out some of the strong points: involvement in the project of the writer Andrzej Sapkowski, great animator Tomasz Bagiński, and the fact that the production is run by Netflix.

Andrzej Sapkowski will be a consultant

The author of the novel “The Witcher” is known for his negative opinion about released video games. Although he finally acknowledged the work of CD Projekt Red for good it is known for a long time that he does not profit from the game series. Sapkowski did not believe in success of the game, so he negotiated (according to unofficial information) only 35.000 Polish złotych ( approx. £7.200) for the rights to use the Witcher world.

The bestselling author’s contribution is a big plus for the Netflix production itself. Who if not Sapkowski himself, knows the most about Geralt and his companions? Netflix will have to rely on Sapkowski in the development of the scenarios and come up with a compromise.

Tomasz Bagiński is the director and animator of special effects

Bagiński is an extraordinary personality of the animated scene. For one of his animation (“The Cathedral”) Bagiński was nominated for an Oscar. Animator will work on special effects, and at least one episode of the season is to be directed entirely by Baginski.

The creators of the show “The Expanse” on board

Sean Daniel and Jason Brown are co-creators of the show “The Expanse”, which is said to be the successor of such hits as “Star Wars” and “Star Trek”. This is an opera space debuting in 2015 and getting more and more fans after every episode. Production is praised for its special effects, which are produced in post-production in Sean Daniel’s studio. The presence of those two in the show about the Witcher is a good premonition.

The title and description of the serial about The Witcher

Netflix has given the media further details about upcoming production. As we learn, the main character in a world full of monsters and supernatural powers beings fight for the truth. And it is because of that truth, he will fight against his opponents. The base of the scrip will be eight novels “The Witcher” by Andrzej Sapkowski. Without any surprises, the upcoming Witcher TV series will be named “The Witcher”.

What we still do not know?

The date of release is unknown, the number of episodes, or whether more than one season is planned. According to a message from Netflix, Baginski is to direct at least one episode per season, so we can count on a well detailed presentation of the Witcher’s world. The cast is also unknown.

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