Game of Thrones: the last season maybe in 2019

Are you eager to find out who will be sitting on the Throne after the upcoming Great War? Be patient, because the waiting time will be very long. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, HBO production president Casey Bloys has revealed that the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones may not be broadcasted on TV before 2019.

Since the creators and showrunner David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have not written the screenplay of the last 6 episodes yet, nothing has been planned about their production. “We will know more about it once they start writing them,” Bloys explained, confirming some of the rumors over the past few weeks about the development of several spin-off prequels. “I want to let fans know that this is an embryonic process, and I do not even know anything about the outlines.”

The press has already written that there would be four spin-offs (I wrote about it in last post) while George RR Martin has revealed that there were actually five. Supposedly,  it means that each will be shown on TV, and there will be more series of Game of Thrones. To find out more, check out my post Spin offs Game of Thrones. Creating 4 extra TV series is a long-term plan. The producers say that for this moment “Our main goal is the seventh season to be aired this summer and after it, start the production of the eighth season. ”

These words would rule out the latest rumours in which the Game of Thrones farewell has been postponed for about a year, in order to give the network enough time to develop a spin-off that would have a different appeal in the wake of the emotional wave from the final of the current Westeros stories. In any case, as Benioff and Weiss had already revealed, Bloys reiterated that the end of GoT would coincide with the end of their involvement in the franchise. So there is no incarnation of these two in spin-offs in development. “We hope that we will all have them respect for them as we should understand why they do not want to do it,” a person involved in the production said, adding that both will add up their opinions to the new series only as fans. The Game of Thrones will return to TV in the seventh and penultimate season on the 16th of July in the United States and it will be aired in UK at the USA time as well as streaming on Now TV.


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